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  • Tipas: Įrengtas Atveju
  • Suderinama Modelis 3: Įrengtas Xiaomi Mi Play/Mix 3
  • Dropshipping/Whoelsale: Parama
  • dydis: 4.7
  • Medžiaga: Minkštos TPU Silikono Blizgus aliejus ne Stiklo telefonas Padengti
  • Suderinama Modeliu 8: Įrengtas Mi CC9E/A3
  • Suderinama Modelis 4: Įrengtas Xiaomi A2 Lite
  • Funkcija: Antidetonaciniai
  • Suderinama Modelis 2: Įrengtas Xiaomi Mi A2/6X
  • Suderinama Modelis 1: Įrengtas Xiaomi Mi A1/5X
  • Suderinamos Prekės: Xiaomi
  • nemokamas pristatymas: Taip
  • Dizainas: Nuotrauka Atspausdinta/Raštuotas
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: LSVBA
  • Suderinama Modelis 9: Įrengtas Mi 9T/Mi 9T Pro/Redmi K20/Redmi K20 Pro
  • Suderinama Modelis 10: Įrengtas Xiaomi Mi 10/10Pro/10 Pastaba/Note 10Pro/CC9Pro
  • Suderinama Modelis 6: Įmontuoti 9 Mi/Mi SE 9
  • Suderinama Modelis 5: Įrengtas Xiaomi Mi 8Lite
  • Suderinama Xiaomi Modelis: 8 MI
  • Suderinama Modelis 7: Įrengtas Mi CC9/A3 Lite/9 Lite
  • Kokybė: 100% brand new aukštos kokybės A++

Lebedevsurik 84
The cover is cool, very good quality. Silicone, pleasant, matte to the touch. The picture is bright and clear, glossy. I liked the contrast between the matte cover and the glossy pattern. There is no unpleasant smell. The buttons are separated (in the photo it is visible), which is also unusual and convenient. There is also a side near the camera. (You can also consider in the photo), which, perhaps, will save it during the fall. My daughter is just delighted.
Very happy

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