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  • w476

produkto aprašymas VIVO Y11 Atveju Prabanga Apversti Piniginės Retro Odos Atvejais VIVO Y11 Y 11 Y12 Y15 Y17 VIVOY11 padengti Coque

[Medžiaga] : Aukštos Kokybės PU Oda + PC ar Silikono apvalkalas vidinis

[Funkciją, 1 ] : Tai su magnetu sagtis

[2 funkcija ] : su 3 Kortelių Lizdai

[3 funkcija ] Ji su stovo funkcija

  • Prekės Pavadinimas: BISHCVER
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Suderinamos Prekės: SONY
  • Funkcija: Antidetonaciniai
  • Dizainas: Gėlių
  • Tipas: Pusė-suvynioti Atveju
  • dydis: 6.0
  • Savybės: Spausdinti odinis dėklas

Kind time of the day, well, what can I say, not skin for those who thought so, on the phone, all the fire is suitable but there is one thing, What killed and I would not order knowing this case, so they went-on all the books of the covers there are fasteners of the fastening, burn the problem solved by the suction cup, then when closing the book, the inner side of the cover sticks to the suction cup screen, which is held on an adhesive basis, I think if the week goes well, and so everything is like in the description (except for the latch on the suction cup, although I would have put it on the riveting already, it's a shorter case for everyone, but I will not take this second time, thank you to the seller fast delivery, it is clear that at such a price, you will not buy even a bumper, but I was not ready for a suction cup that will fly off in two/three days, it's a huge minus, and so the cover is sooo not what, it does not look cheap, you can put money and cards, in general, Kamu interesting I think was objective, thank you all, the seller of prosperity!
все отлично
Everything suits. long delivery.
Not what I expected. The buckle is not durable.
Чехол понравился!Идея присоски вместо магнита прикольная!На телефон сел идеально!Спасибо за быструю доставку!

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