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  • Yra sandėlyje
  • w1190

  • Modelio Numeris: F004
  • Tipas: Kaspinai
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Stilius: Mielas/Romantiška
  • Metalų Tipas: NĖRA
  • Medžiaga: Akrilo
  • Formos\modelis: Gyvūnų
  • Elemento Tipas: Hairwear
  • Bauda ar Mados: Mados

Delivery twenty days. Tracked. Got it at the post office. I order the second time, it comes quickly, packed qualitatively, everything is whole. The rubber bands themselves with figures are small, sound, the quantity is the same. To the seller Thank you very much!!!
Sweetied 69
A set of children's rubber bands. In the set-50 pieces (recalculated). Rubber bands themselves are very good quality, after stretching take the original form. On each elastic band is either an animal figure or a cartoon figure. All rubber bands are in a compact jar with a twist lid. The parcel arrived quickly and was packed very well. The seller is good.
Finally, I caught them))) the seller is very generous, many times I put out for the center of the coin. Well packed. Even came 51 PCs.

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